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Silkscreens represent for me the first step in the creation process of a painting. Each of them reflects the transition from the creative idea to the realisation of the painted work. During my career, I reckon I produced more than 400 silkscreens, the last one in 2011. I see them as falling into three different groups, corresponding to three distinct periods that are representative of their evolution over some forty years


That period represents a kind of homecoming, both for me and for my art. The increased toing and froing between France and Japan revealed a new source of inspiration - although it had always been there, within me - that determined in a large measure the structure of my silkscreens.  I was thus able to instill into each of them a heavy emotional element.

That period, whose beginning coincides with the time I left ILO to dedicate myself fully to my art, is marked by the discovery of a style that is entirely my own.  

On the constant search for the true essence of my art, I have relied on multiple sources of inspiration during that period of time, which, in a way, was a period of experimentation revolving around the concept of beauty.

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