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Born in 1946 in Gunma prefecture (Japan), I grew up in Tokyo.

I started painting at 24 when I moved to Paris in 1971, then settled in Geneva (Switzerland).

In the early years of my stay in Europe, I worked at the ILO as Chief programmer. Concurrently, I was allocated a working space in Paris by the French Ministry of Culture and built my own studio on the French banks of Lake Leman (1979).

In 1981, I resigned from the ILO, to dedicate myself to painting exclusively.

In 1993, I took up residence in Auvers-sur-Oise. After actively pursuing my art in Europe for over 25 years, I had my  first exhibition in Japan in 1999.

In 2012, I opened a new working space, in Paris and Kyoto.

​                                                         ---------

Fifty years have passed since I came to live in Europe. I have been creating my work without ever studying art formally. I am sure this helped me to find my own style. Ten years ago, I decided to live in Kyoto. I am now living and painting both in Paris and Kyoto. Living and working in Kyoto made me realise that my style, although very simple and typically Japanese,did not exist in Japan until then.

1975 Annecy Museum Annecy France    

         Henri Meyer Gallery Lausanne Switzerland

1983 Hall de L’île organised city of Geneva

1984 Petersen Gallery Thonon France

1986 FIAC, Grand Palais Paris, with Sculptor Lovato

         Numaga Gallery Auvernier Switzerland

1987 Birch Gallery Copenhagen Denmark

1989 FIAC, Grand Palais Paris, with Robert Jacobsen

1991 Ynguanzo Gallery Madrid Spain    

1999 ABC Gallery Osaka 





2000 Simoncini Gallery Luxembourg

2001 Tamenaga Gallery Osaka

2002 Tamenaga Gallery Paris

2004 Tamenaga Gallery Tokyo

2007 Château Royal de Blois  organised city of Blois

2009 Kodaiji Temple Kyoto realized FUSUMA

2012 Palais Benedictine Fecamp France

2016 Elena Shchukina Gallery  London

2019 City Hall of Paris5th  with Sculptor Sunagawa

Principal One Man Show

rikizo red&black modern art contemporary art fukao artist

Blols castle, Kodaiji temple in Kyoto, the City hall of 5th district in Paris: these are the historical places that represent their time.  Through these expositions, I felt that the art paintings revive in the atmosphere and the same effect for it's space. I want to create a work of art which surpasses the time and the culture.

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